The photographer captures a lion that seems to have just left the barbershop, posed for the lens.


This Lion is called ‘Tom’ and lives in a Zoo in the Czech Republic. For many locals, it is the majestic representation of this species.

Whenever we think of the word “Lion”, the idea of ​​”The King of the Jungle” comes to mind, even though they live in the savannah. These cats are undoubtedly majestic, and by their large size and beautiful fur, we can all recognize them.

In the Na Hrádečku zoo, located in the Czech Republic, a lion has stolen many sighs from zoo visitors because in true style, and Alex, the Lion of Madagascar, seems to model all the time.

And this is thanks to her large size and individual long hair, which undulates beautifully in the wind as if it were cut on purpose to make her a catwalk model. Tom is a 5-year-old lion with tousled locks, which are used by people now.

The photographer Robert Grim, 51, learned the story of this vast ‘kitten’, rescued by the zoo as it was being transferred illegally and now lives happily in its space at the zoo.

According to Grim’s words, this lion looked like he had just left his appointment with a stylist because, even though he did what he always does and prepared himself to receive a few ‘good’ photos of the feline, it would appear that the lion was modeling him Whenever I pressed the shutter, the image looked worthy of a magazine cover.

For its part, the Na Hrádečku Zoo took the opportunity and used the photos to show visitors the importance of caring for these species. By achieving a more outstanding commitment to caring for animals, more people will be able to appreciate the beauty of these animals while being happy.

“We participate in conservation projects. We try to educate the general public on nature conservation issues, for example through guided tours. We are also involved in legislative changes related to animal protection,"

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