The owl stole a hobby horse and flies it around the neighborhood same as the witch on a broomstick.


On top of his stick, he was flying high.

On Halloween, anything can happen, according to legend.

your sister has the ability to change into a bat.

Or, in this situation, an owl might change into a witch.

Or perhaps he was a sorceress who transformed into an owl? In any case, a great horned owl recently appeared in photos riding a broomstick like a witch.

Just in time for the scary season, the image started to become viral online. On October 13, Eric Lind shared pictures of a great horned owl around his parents’ Eureka, Illinois, neighborhood.

The owl stole one of those stick horses toys and was flying around with it.

He appeared to be a witch riding a broom across the autumn sky.

Lind was able to take a picture of the bird (or Animagus, or even a polyjuice potion or transfiguration magic gone awry) after a neighbor called and instructed them to check out the window.

Lind told Newsweek, “One of the neighbors called my mother and instructed her to check our pine tree in the backyard. When the owl first soared into the tree, they saw it, but they weren’t exactly able to discern what it was carrying at the time.

The owl was observed by Lind and his family, who then realized it was carrying a stick horse. The owl may have been drawn to it because the horse’s head resembled fuzzy prey, according to others who commented on the situation.

When Lind shared his images and video online, it quickly gained popularity.

“Right now at my parents’ house, this stick horse has been stolen by the local little owl, who is riding it throughout the area. If your youngster is missing their stick horse, you’ll need to speak to the owl, Hilldale/Forest Park/Ridge Lane neighbors,” he added.

More than 103,000 people shared his post, which was the first one he had published on Facebook since February, and more than 5 million people watched his video.

Some folks expressed their worry about the owl.

He didn’t seem to be in any danger, according to Lind, though. That stick horse was being dragged around by the bird seemingly on purpose.

For those of you wondering if the owl is hurt or “entangled” in the stick horse, we have no reason to think this is the case because we saw the owl move the horse and even change its grip on it at one point. This owl is a member of a family of owls that has been in the neighbourhood for about 6 months, and this is one of the young owls. If someone sees the owl in danger or believes it is hurt, I’m sure the appropriate authorities would be contacted,” he wrote.

After being instructed to check outside by their neighbor, Lind and his family were reportedly “shocked” and “surprised” by what they saw.

He wished that by sharing the photos, his loved ones and friends would smile.

It’s been fantastic reading how other people responded, saying that it made them smile or brightened their day, he added.

There have been no new developments regarding the owl’s whereabouts or what happened to his stick, but maybe he is still carrying his beloved stuffed animal.

See the original video below from Lind.

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