The older man handwrites his resume and receives 30 job offers: “I milk and make cheese”.


His desperation to find a job led Ángel to write a piece of paper that changed his life.

The economic crisis is increasing with the passing of the day. Many families struggle to make ends meet every day. However, people’s desire to get ahead is noticeable on several occasions.

They say that if a person wants to improve themselves, there are thousands of methods to get ahead. They have to have motivation. Regardless of your thoughts or motivations, we must value people’s efforts.

This is the case of Ángel Medina, a 44-year-old man who, in the midst of his despair at not finding a job, decided to write his resume by hand within his means.

His demonstrated desire to work in that role resulted in 30 job offers.

According to Multimedia, Ángel is 44 years old and is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora. After losing his son and his job, he became involved in a complex economic situation. This led him to look for a new job without success.

Then, he had the idea of ​​writing a resume by hand, describing all the activities he knows how to do, and adding his phone number and name. He wanted them to be able to locate him as easily and quickly as possible: «I’m looking for work on a ranch. I have experience handling cattle. I also know how to groom, milk, and make cheese, and tame foals. My name is Ángel Medina, 44 years old, without bad habits.

According to the media, the man began to stick each of his resumes on the posts on the streets of Hermosillo without knowing that this would give him a pleasant surprise.

Despite these events occurring in 2020, users have virtualized Ángel’s story on social networks, adding that he accepted a job offer in Guadalajara, attending a local job.

“One thinks that things like this are going to look bad but the truth is that they are not. Sometimes things go wrong but then good things come, that’s how it happened to me,” Medina mentioned after getting a job.

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