The “Old Coots,” a group of retired friends, have started a stall at the farmers market to give free advice about life.


Their advice may not be the best, but they sure are funny!

Nothing beats the feeling of gathering with your closest friends and discussing anything and everything.

What can you do when you feel like you have exhausted all of your stories and your friends no longer want to hear them?

For one group of old friends, they had definitely told each other the same stories multiple times.

The group was congregated at their go-to hangout, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a coffee shop, when one of them had a stroke of genius.

Tony Caputo, who is 69 years old, observed that there was a farmers market across the street and it was bustling with hundreds of people.

He suggested renting a booth at the market where he and his friends could provide life advice.

The rest of the group agreed to the idea, and the following weekend they all gathered around a table with a big sign above that said, “Old Coots Giving Bad Advice – It’s Probably Bad Advice, But It’s Free”.

They waited for someone to come up to them and ask them any questions they had, excluding those about politics or religion.

Initially, only a few people approached the ‘Old Coots’, but soon a long line formed as more and more people arrived.

Questions asked ranged from giving advice on school and work, to relationships and love, and even deciding on cell phone or internet plans.

The answers of the ‘Old Coots’ are taken seriously and are given due consideration.

Tony stated that they always listen carefully and do not give advice unless asked for it.

The initially small group of mostly males soon realized that they were not equipped to answer certain questions posed by women.

They soon included a few women in the group to make it more balanced and draw in a larger audience.

The “Old Coots” table has emerged as the market’s most sought-after location.

People from all over came to seek advice from the group, leading to the creation of their own Facebook page.

Following the success of the market and Facebook, the group decided to launch their own podcast where people can call in with their queries.

The popularity of the group has been on the rise, with people from all corners of the world leaving glowing reviews of the advice they have received.

“Users are raving about how knowledgeable they are,” said one user.

“Get advice from the most experienced experts” suggests another.

The popularity of the ‘Old Coots’ has skyrocketed, with appearances on Good Morning America and the Strahan, Sara, and Keke show.

Although our current situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, it is comforting to know that there are still some “Old Coots” who are looking out for us.

Visit the ‘Old Coots’ Facebook page linked here for more information.

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