The night at Lady Di was a surprise to the MET Gala with an impressive dress.


The MET Gala is a charity event bringing together the stars, celebrities, designers and artists for the annual fashion exhibition of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Since 1948 and for 73 years, the gala has had countless guests who, year after year, try to present the chosen concept in the best way. On May 2, the new edition, with the theme: ‘In America: An anthology of Fashion’, took place, and the roots of American culture inspired the looks.

26 years ago, one of the most unexpected guests attended the gala and left more than one with their mouths open. Diana of Wales, or Lady Di as affectionately known, made a star appearance that afternoon in New York.


Nobody suspected anything, and only John Galiano, her dress designer, and Anna Wintour knew that the member of British royalty would be at a fashion event as high-profile as the MET.

The media’s eyes have been on Diana since her divorce from Prince Charles in previous years. However, even though she technically no longer had the same privileges as before, Lady Di was loved by the people, which seemed to affect the rest of the world.

John Galliano, creative director of DIOR; Liz Tilberis, editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Lady Di.

The theme for the 1996 edition was Christian Dior; everything revolved around the figure of the French designer and fashion house; in fact, Diana of Wales had previously commented on her admiration for Dior, and at that time, John Galliano was in charge of the creative direction.

A stunning and beautiful navy blue ‘slip dress’ was the star of the night, with a black lace neckline and a set of pearl and sapphire necklace jewelry that had belonged to the Queen Mother.

It is essential to mention that Diana had already shown a facet just as surprising as when she wore the “revenge dress” or danced with actor John Travolta.

The night of the MET remained an excellent memory for the attendees and the history of fashion. Many women and designers today have taken that design as inspiration for different outfits with greater meaning than what seemed like a simple blue dress more than 20 years ago.

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