The native American woman who is the world most beautiful is Mexican and that is how she won a crown for her beauty


Although she grew up in poverty and discrimination, Silvia Jim fought for her dream of being a professional model. After years of work, she was able to achieve one of her goals: to be queen in the Miss Indigenous Universe pageant. However, her work continues, and she seeks to improve her studies in medicine to help her community.

At Bright Side we talked with Silvia Jim, going from her origins to the moment of her coronation, and she told us about her strong social commitment and studies to help her culture, the Amuzga.

Silvia’s origins in the Amuzga culture

Silvia Jim was born into the Amuzga culture , a people originally from the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Her childhood was not easy, and from an early age she had various problems, such as lack of food in her community or discrimination just for being from a different culture. At the age of 14, she began her modeling career, where she, despite all these adversities, managed to be queen of a world contest.

Her abilities and resilience were noted since she was little, since she was very studious, which is why she always did well at school. Besides, she didn’t get carried away by what others said. “I never let people say that I couldn’t fulfill my dreams.”

World queen in Panama

She applied to several modeling platforms until she found one with a more cultural vision, one that would really help her get to contests. She had to compete between various stages, interviews and evaluations. Her work was finally reflected in being able to be an indigenous queen at the Mexican level, which gave her the opportunity to participate in an international contest.

Her participation in Miss Unworthy Universe became an opportunity that she took full advantage of, crowning herself the first Mexican queen of that world contest. “There were days of sleeplessness, of crying, but it was all worth it to raise the name of Mexico and indigenous cultures.”

Commitment to fight against poverty and malnutrition

The experience that the vulnerability in which he grew up left him generated the mission of committing himself and helping his people, and for the same reason, he has been running community kitchens to fight malnutrition for some time. As Silvia recounted, “I grew up in extreme poverty and marginalization”, and this was one of her great motivations when it came to fighting for her dream.

Nutritionist and activist at the United Nations Organization

Regarding her social cause within food, Silvia has several diplomas related to the area of ​​health, including one in nutrition. She is determined to give a better quality of life to the town that saw her grow up, as well as to be a model for future generations.

Her notable participations have opened new doors for her, since she became the bearer of the voice for indigenous rights in the United Nations Organization. “I want to be a role model for the new generations.” For Silvia, taking advantage of her social role to use her voice and be able to help her community is very important.

His message against adversity

For Silvia Jim, her role as Miss Indigenous Universe is very relevant. Beyond the award, she sees it as the opportunity to make a message visible, encourage other women to get ahead, pursue their dreams and not allow themselves to be discriminated against under any circumstances. For her, “poverty does not measure intelligence.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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