“I woke up in the morning and found this picture on my phone, my husband had taken it while I was sleeping, but when I realized what had happened…” The mother revealed the painful truth behind this image


I woke up the other day and saw this picture on my phone. Right now, I feel like I’m in the middle of everything. These are the new ditches. My husband had to get up with the baby that night. He took a picture of my daughter and me after we changed the baby’s diaper, fed, and put the baby to sleep. The baby stayed in bed with us all night. I wouldn’t post a picture of myself that I hadn’t posed for. I get mad at the person who took it. But things are different this time. This picture was one of a kind.

Lately, things have been tough. It’s easy to overlook how exhausting taking care of a baby can be. Mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. Even with two more kids, you’re already exhausted. Every day, I handle babies, diapers, tears, spills, laundry, dishes, and eat a lot.

I rarely wash my hair. Due to lack of sleep, my eyes appear swollen and I have bags under them. It’s likely that food or saliva has stained my clothes, making them look dirty. I always tie my hair in a messy bun. I no longer have any makeup on. This picture captures everything. Although it may not seem glamorous, being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. I want to reflect on this aspect of my life. This picture serves as a reminder because it’s easy to forget that you’ll miss certain things when you’re caught up in the midst of it all.

I don’t really mind feeling restless at night, as long as I can rock and cuddle my babies to sleep. When their tiny fingers hold onto mine, I can feel their breath going in and out. What will truly bother me is the fact that I can soothe my children with a simple hug and a kiss on the forehead, even more than their crying episodes. More than spilled milk, I will miss being able to clean up their messes with soap and water.

It won’t hurt my neck or back to share a bed with my kids, and I won’t miss it. However, I won’t miss seeing their smiles when I wake up in the morning. We’ll miss our morning hugs. I’d like to think about this part of my life. Even though it can be hard and stressful, I don’t want to forget this time of being a dad. Don’t forget to tell your spouse or someone else important. Tell them again that they need to take these pictures of you. “Enjoy these pictures.”

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