The man who took off his shirt and gave it to the man shivering on the bus said he “had to help.”


He not only did something, but he did it with love, which made a big difference. ?

If you saw a homeless man with no shirt on a cold day, what would you do? Some people might ignore him and pretend they didn’t see anything.

Some people are generous and willing to offer a helping hand.

Sometimes, people record videos of these things and share them with everyone.

This man is being praised a lot.

Someone saw a young man give his shirt to an elderly homeless person, and they captured the special moment.

Joey Resto was 23 years old.

He was going home to Brooklyn, New York, and got on the “A” train. Then he saw a man in the seat across from him, wearing only pants and shoes.

The weather was chilly.

The old homeless man was shaking from the cold and trying to keep warm when Resto kindly offered him his own clothes to help him out.

The Good Samaritan still had an undershirt, even though it was sleeveless.

However, Resto was not content that the shirt would be enough to keep the other passenger warm, so he decided to do something extra.

He took off his hat and gave it to him.

Resto said in an interview with a local news agency that the man “appeared cold and hungry, as if he had been in a fight”.

He decided to do what he thought was right. He took off his own shirt and put it on the man who was shaking from the cold.

He gave him no choice but to accept the offer.

Resto didn’t realize they were being watched.

After helping the old man, Resto returned to his seat without knowing that another passenger had recorded the kind gesture on video.

He didn’t realize that people on social media would see his kind deed.

Resto didn’t want to bother the person in the subway.

Resto told the news agency that he saw how weak and frail he looked, so he had to help him put it on or he wouldn’t have been able to do it.

The video was shared many times and seen by a lot of people.

Resto didn’t know he was being filmed, but he was being kind and generous by helping the person get through the day.

Resto still felt guilty that he couldn’t give the homeless man a better, warmer piece of clothing.

Even though he was only helping out, his girlfriend Yanisleidy Martinez was still proud of Resto.

He is very generous and caring.

Martinez shared that everyone usually just gives money, but this time he did something different. She noticed that other people were just staring and he took action.

The video of Resto was shared on many different platforms, and lots of people commented saying how nice it was of him.

Many people think winning the lottery will change their lives, but helping someone who is in need will have a much bigger impact.

Someone else said that this made them feel hopeful that there are still kind people in the world.

Even a small gesture of helping those in need can have a big effect on the community. This kind act shows us that!

Resto took off his shirt and hat to help keep another man warm!

Pass this along to your friends and family.

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