The man turns his work transport into a magnificent motorhome.


“If you dream it, you can make it possible” is the best fit for Daryl Lloyd, a furniture maker from Somerset County, England, who turned his Mercedes Sprinter van into a luxurious motor home, making his dream come true.

Although inside, it looks like an ordinary van, it is spectacular, divided into an equipped living room, shower, kitchen, dining room and a double bed. « All this was possible thanks to the capacity of the van , white vans are usually large and you can fit everything you need, so I decided to turn it into a beautiful motor home .» Daryl commented.

In addition to being your work transport, it is now your home, and with it, you can go wherever you want without having to pay for a hotel. The 36-year-old man decided to post pictures of his motorhome on social media, which has gone viral, leaving the owner even more proud. “I couldn’t ask for more, I designed the motorhome of my dreams and I achieved it , now it is my comfortable and luxurious home” added the talented builder.

Surely, after seeing these images, many people who have the resources will be encouraged to make a change or want to find Daryl to design them. So feel free to share your work.

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