The man picked up the creature that looked like a bee, and netizens were angry when the photo was uploaded…


This puppy was picked up by a netizen. He was very surprised because of its peculiar appearance. Curious, he took a photo of the puppy and shared it on the Moments. He was surprised by the result.

At first, netizens were still teasing, saying that this is a small bee, and that it will become a bumblebee when she grows up. Some people also said that this is a tabby, and they cherish the breed.

Until more and more people joined, a few netizens came out, saying that this is actually an ordinary dog, dyed by some unscrupulous merchants and then sold at a high price, but often it does not live for a week, even if it grows up, the color is also different. It will be pushed back to its original appearance.

Puppies feel uncomfortable because their hair is dyed in a large area, so they will lick their hair, and the venom will enter the body with the mouth, causing chronic poisoning, just like a baby is dyed all over the body from birth.

We all know that, for the sake of profit, many rare species that were originally unaltered were just created.

The cute animals were bred in large numbers, the unlovable ones became stray hairy children, and even some unscrupulous merchants were used for some illegal products. People’s means are transformed to sell at high prices!

For money, a small number of people can really do a lot of cruel things.

Seeing this, many netizens expressed their anger, and even many people said that they had seen someone selling such a dog, and they condemned unscrupulous merchants.

Unexpectedly, these dogs were forced to dye to become what they are now! At first, I thought this color was cute, but after learning the truth, I felt super sad! It turned out to be a horrible trick by bad businessmen to sell them for a good price! ! It’s too much!

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