The lost little one who was found hiding behind the truck tires


It was a regular day at work for a Namibian truck driver. Suddenly a surprising visual went through his eyes; a tiny creature was lying against the tires of his truck. The creature was found to be an Aardvark, who seems to be missing from its family. So he decided to take the baby Aardvark with him. The animal was then taken to Dr. Erika de Jager for further care. The doctor herself was immediately drawn towards the adorable creature. Her words, “it was love at first sight for me,” show how much her attention was. The little one got a name as ET. ET did grow up with a lot of care among a group of dogs that surprisingly accepted him. After a while, when ET was ready to live independently, he was sent to the wild. However, he returns home every night to check out his known first parents.

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