The last golden langur died on the island of Umanada in India


With him, his species is extinguished on the island

Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service reported via her Twitter account that the last golden langur living on the island of Umanada has died. The species is critically endangered in Bitan and parts of Assam.

The little monkey’s cause of death has not yet been determined. However, an autopsy is underway to find out why.

Some protection team members comment that his death may be linked to physical ailments, the loneliness of being the last and an apparent depression that he suffered.

“Umananda’s habitat is not suitable for a golden langur, as they mainly feed on leaves. Although they get plenty of fruits from devotees at the temple, they also eat bread and cookies, among other things, which they are not supposed to eat. Inbreeding had been another persistent problem to the detriment of their health,” commented the protectionists.

The last death registered before this case occurred in 2019 when only 500 specimens of this monkey were registered worldwide.

The Government of India has launched several campaigns to defend and preserve these animals in Assam. Several experts say that the decline in their population is linked to the few food reserves that remain due to deforestation.

The island is now left without this beautiful monkey, leaving uncertainty about what may happen to its species. Please share this news to raise awareness. We need to take care of our planet now.

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