The intimates who fought against death together until they achieved their best.


It’s fantastic to beat the odds, yet it’s even better when you can do it with a friend.

One of the most lovely things in the world is friendship. It’s a relationship between two individuals who aren’t related by blood or family. In a company, one becomes the person the other most needs.

Meanwhile, how would it be to know that your friend is to pass away in a short time? Definitely, you will develop a new type of drive. After all, for all those sorrows, friendship will answer. Keep reading to feel the potential of the company.

The number 2% was decisive in how long the friendship of Jordan Granberry and Odin Frost would last.
Odin’s mother developed preeclampsia when pregnant with him. The physicians had to perform emergency labour. Odin was born “barely, barely breathing” after a difficult birth.

Odin had to be transported to a NICU in Dallas, where he stayed for two weeks due to his critical condition. Odin’s brain has already suffered damage due to a lack of oxygen.

Tim Frost told News 9 that they have spent almost the next 3 years going to different physicians and experts. But their reply was there was just a 2% chance of life for Odin.

Sadly, another newborn suffered from the same condition.

The baby was Jordan. Jordan did not obtain enough oxygen when he was born, which resulted in brain damage. Jordan’s mother predicted that he might not live to be seven.

However, neither the parents nor the children gave up. They never allowed the illness to define them, and their parents did the best they could to raise them.

The boys met at Boshears School in Tyler when they were three years old.

Donna Granberry said,” she was peeping into the classroom as many parents do. Then she observed Odin trying to push Jordan’s wheelchair. He wasn’t getting anything done, but he was trying.” It was the sweetest thing she’d ever witnessed, and it made her heart pour.

They’ve been extremely connected since that time. They shared activities such as playing and studying. Jordan’s eyes light up whenever he hears Odin approaching, according to DeAnda Frost, Odin’s mother.

Foremost, it was said that the boys weren’t supposed to make it through childhood.

Now they are at the age of 18, and also they are now graduating from high school together. However, their graduation wasn’t merely a reflection of their academic ability. The intimates overcame the odds and accomplished one of life’s most significant milestones.

“Getting graduated is a great achievement in anyone’s life, but it’s way more important for these two friends because they missed a lot of things in life that am adolescents get to enjoy,” Donna explained. “We didn’t desire to see Jordan lose this chance,” She said to KLTV.

On the other hand, their families believe that graduation is only the beginning.

The graduation was just a stepping stone on the long road ahead for the two friends. Their parents always wished they would be together in the years to come.

“We hope that they will have each other’s back forever and be a part of each other’s life even when they get old because we’ll not be around them forever,” Donna explained to KLTV. “We’ll do anything and everything we can to ensure it.” “They will always look out for each other, I can assure you that.”

The story of these two comrades inspires and teaches everyone the value of having good friends. We wish these young men the best in life.

Watch the below video to see the two boys unveil their expectations in life, and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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