The internet community reacts to the problematic situation between Elon Musk and his biological daughter.


Elon Musk’s daughter claimed she doesn’t live with her father anymore and never will. She doesn’t desire to have any relationship with him from now on. She said so as an answer when she was asked why she filed a petition for a change of identity, name, and gender recognition.

The teenager filed the petition in the Santa Monica court a few months ago in April, following her birthday. The girl’s biological parents are Elon musk and Justine Wilson(Canadian author), who were married for eight years, from 2000 to 2008. She chose her mom’s previous family identity and came out as a transgender person. She decided to alter her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson formally. It has been a few weeks since the teenager originally asked to cut off all contact with her dad, but TMZ broke the story only after some time.

There have been countless comments and conversations on this topic on social media. Twitterers didn’t spend time weighing in on Musk’s latest transphobic remarks. They started expressing their sympathy for Vivian. Discover how the entire situation played out by scrolling down. Feel free to leave your opinions on the case in the comment section.

Elon Musk’s child said she is a trans woman in a name change application she submitted in April.

Vivian further said she is adopting her mom’s surname and altering her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson.

A copy of Vivian’s petition was published on the internet with justification.

Her mother was highly corroborative of her child’s choice.

Just after becoming 18, California’s legal age of adulthood, Vivian asked the judge to alter her sexual identity to female and change her name. The entrepreneur has two kids with artist Graves and five other kids from her first marriage.

Vivian’s mom expressed her pride in her child in a post, although none of Musk or Vivian had openly addressed their alleged argument. Wilson never said which child her discussion was with, but the message appeared immediately after the last word of Vivian’s petition began spreading on the internet. She exhibits a strong bond for her child and her decision, recalling a beautiful talk they have about how “normal-looking” she is becoming.

Musk’s former wife Justine published a critical piece on their relationship for Marie Claire in 2010. Elon grew up in a South African society that males governed. Therefore, when he returned home, his competitive and dominant nature that had helped him succeed in business was still there.”

She did add some more to their relationship. The couple was from two economic classes, which affected their married life only a few months later. Elon always had ideas that prevailed over the opinions of her wife. Elon had a habit of complaining about the lack of her wife. She continuously reminded him that she was his wife and not his employee. He frequently said, “If you were my employee, I would dismiss you.”

Elon has not yet responded, although, in the recent past, Musk has posted some transphobic remarks.

Over time, the 50-year-old inventor and billionaire owning Tesla and SpaceX have developed a name for his provocative viewpoints on Twitter. This led to several constantly pointing out that his child could have rejected him as a father due to his moves.

Musk has named himself a “free speech absolutist” and has come under fire for several of his Twitter comments on gender identity problems. In 2020, he received criticism for tweeting that “pronouns stink.” His then-partner Grimes responded to him moments later in response to the since-deleted tweet: Grimes wrote, “I love you, so turn off your phone or feel free to call.” “I can’t stand hatred. I beg you to stop. I’m mindful that this isn’t in your soul.

Musk tweeted a picture in December 2020 that said, “when you put him/him in your bio.” It seemed to be a dramatic painting of a soldier from the 18th century who had blood on his face and was sporting an “I love to oppress” cap. He was criticized for his lack of compassion and his objections to individuals using their preferred pronouns. Musk then asserted on Twitter in response to claims of his tweet: “I completely support trans, but all these pronouns are a [a]esthetic nightmare.”

Then he said that Tesla received a good score of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index ( A campaign held annually to rank the top workplaces for LGBTQ individuals).

Following criticism of Musk towards public stigma, many people expressed their disagreement.

According to Reuters, Musk announced his allegiance to the Republican Party, which had decided to back the legislation that seeks to restrict the freedom of the transgender population in several regions. The act was around four weeks after Vivian submitted the identity and sex switch paperwork. In the past, I’ve always supported Democrats, stated Musk. “Anyway, to be honest, I’m almost positive that I’ve not ever voted for a Republican. Therefore, I’ll go during this campaign.”

The billionaire himself has made it a bit clear that he isn’t much worried about transgender rights. The twitter commenting pattern and recently Elon embarrassing the Republican party work as examples of his unconcerned nature.

The petition of Vivian carries out the same reason, and Twitter users often keep pointing out the matter.

So far, Elon didn’t bother with a response to Vivian’s idea to change her name. Though, on the following

Sunday, the billionaire had a post regarding fathers day.

It said I love all my kids so much.

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