The inspiring story of a man who overcame the challenges in his life with a smile


Life is like Indian gooseberry. To taste the sweetness, you will have to go through the bitterness first. Michael is a man who suffered the ill effects of autism and ADHD from a young age. Despite every obstacle in his path, he succeeded in his life bravely without keeping a step back.

Finding a job is never an easy task for any person, while it is tough for a person with disabilities. To get a job, a person has to apply to a lot of jobs and positions. So a lot of courage is required to propel oneself to endure while getting rejected numerous times. But for the disabled, this situation is worse. They get dismissed repeatedly for the same reason, which results in loss of their self-confidence.

Michael Coyne was a local Special Olympics athlete who had autism and ADHD. Due to his disabilities, he was rejected continuously and was jobless for a long time. Despite being rejected, Michael had other ideas.

He took business classes through the Rhode Island Developmental Disability Center.  It gave him the knowledge to open his coffee shop, which was always his dream job. Michael’s mom Sheila, was delighted to see her son triumph. The coffee shop also helped him overcome his pain of disabilities. Within three weeks of commencement, they saw the positive impact of the coffee shop, not only on them but also the community.

Michael also helped his fellow disabled friends, by selling baked goods, jewelry, and decorative ornaments made by them. Micheal wanted to encourage people like him to step up in life against the odds and didn’t want to see them go through what he experienced in the past. When WRIP-TV questioned him about the feeling of being rejected from a job continuously, he said that “it felt like crap.” So with the intention of other disabled to never feel the same, he allowed the people with special needs to be hired at his place.

As every mother does, Michael’s mother is so proud of his achievements. She thinks that this is a better solution for one who needs an occupation. After all, programs like the business class in Rhode Island can be a great hand to anyone wishing to stand on their own feet.

I need to know more about Michael’s bravery to bet on himself in the video below!

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