Plus-sized model claps back at trolls who attack bikini photos – ‘look away’


An influencer who embraces her plus-sized body is standing up against trolls who try to shame her for her size 22 figure. Despite facing criticism, she proudly declares that she will never apologize for being fat. By sharing bold photos of herself in revealing outfits, she has sparked a wave of negative comments from the online community.

The influencer remains unfazed by harsh criticism, confidently stating that plus-size bodies are attractive and look great in a bikini, despite the cruel attacks.

Abby Bible has received both praise and criticism from netizens. While some admire her beauty and confidence, others believe that the negativity she faces is not due to her choice of clothing, but rather the negative impact of being overweight on her health. To find out more about Abby Bible and her battle against online trolls, continue reading.

Abby Bible, along with other influencers, plays a vital role in promoting self-love and body positivity in a world that often focuses on unrealistic beauty standards.

Her dedication to staying positive and expressing her passion for fashion is a strong message she sends to her followers, even when she encounters negativity from time to time.

The woman, who stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and is a size 22 influencer, frequently shares on her Instagram that she chooses not to adhere to society’s harmful standards.

The New York-based woman shares her experience as a teenager, acknowledging that she had come to terms with the fact that she would never be perceived as “feminine” due to the media’s portrayal of women as small, delicate, adorable, and soft-spoken. This notion had been deeply ingrained in her over time, leading her to believe that femininity equated to being attractive and deserving of a fulfilling life. However, she expresses that she has gradually liberated herself from these harmful beliefs and thoughts.

Bible shared on Dr. Phil that she faced weight issues from a young age. When she was 14, she weighed around 200lb. She mentioned having a personal trainer who was unkind, telling her she needed to lose weight to have friends and that no one would love her if she was overweight.

The Bible mentions that she once lost 100 pounds and weighed around 235 pounds. However, she admits that this did not bring any solutions to her problems and she still felt unhappy, despite having the body that everyone desired.

The woman, who is currently in a happy relationship, has taken it upon herself to spread the message that plus-size bodies are attractive and can rock a bikini.

‘Look away’

A TikTok video recently went viral, showing Bible in a red string bikini, standing up to a troll who made a negative comment about her body. Over 82,000 people have viewed the video so far.

In the video, she captions, “If you don’t enjoy it, just turn your gaze elsewhere.” She looks at the camera playfully and mouths, “It doesn’t bother me.”

Several fans showed strong support and appreciation for the inspiring woman. One fan mentioned, “I purchased my first [bikini] because of you. Seriously.” Another fan commented, “You look fantastic, I wish I had the same body confidence as you.”

Among the messages of encouragement, there are also online trolls who frequently imply that she does not possess self-respect.

Someone else provides guidance, emphasizing that just because clothing is available in larger sizes, it doesn’t mean one should wear it if it doesn’t suit them. They advise having self-respect.

Crippling complications

Despite consistently impressing her followers with her amazing sense of style, the “unapologetic fashion lover” still faces criticism from trolls who target individuals with larger bodies.

However, the issue may extend beyond individuals merely criticizing the beautiful lady’s body, as her weight puts her at risk of various health issues.

One Facebook user commented that they see a significant amount of stress on her heart and joints, but they acknowledge that it is her decision. They express concern about the additional strain on the healthcare system when other health issues like diabetes emerge.

Another online user expresses, “I am fine with body positivity as long as it doesn’t encourage unhealthy body types to become the standard.”

I strongly believe in accepting inner beauty and allowing people to dress as they wish, however, she is putting herself at risk for various health problems such as diabetes, heart failure, and joint issues. I hope she will still feel confident in her own body even if she becomes wheelchair or bed bound. It’s unfortunate that she is unaware of the harm she is causing to her health.

Bible, who has not responded to health concerns raised by her followers, emphasizes to the public that being thin does not make someone superior to her.

She states, “I proudly embrace my body as a plus-size woman… Whether you accept me or not, I will always find joy in being true to myself.”

Ultimately, what truly counts is happiness. If Bible believes she has discovered it, we wish for her health to support her ongoing happiness.

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