The impressive “Black Hole” of Mani has a small forest inside it (video)


Enjoy a “flight” with a drone over the cave chasm. Its vertical “walls” are awe-inspiring; thanks to them, the ideal conditions are created for a small forest inside. (video)

We are in Mani, a historically special but extremely barren place. We fly close to the western Mani settlement of Erimos, which is, as its name implies, a large stone desert with only sparse greenery.

A “Black Hole” appears out of nowhere, breaking up the monotonous landscape. And we call it that because it is the only point where the hot sun of Mani does not rise and is not visible.
We fly a drone over the cave chasm, probably called Vathy Muzi – from the little information there is about it.

Its impressive vertical “walls” and enormous depth combine to provide the perfect environment for a miniature forest inside.

The moisture trapped there and the little sunlight that enters the chasm fuel the unique trees in the area to thrive and compete to see who can find above ground first.

It certainly deserves further study by speleologists to map and reveal its well-hidden secrets.

The “Black Hole” dimensions are approximately 50 x 30 meters. Enjoy the flight by clicking here -> Google Maps

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