The Illustrator skillfully depicted the joy of living alone in 37 pictures.


These illustrations demonstrate why it can be great to be single and living alone.

Yaoyao Ma Van As, a painter, illustrator and animator from Los Angeles, has created a series of illustrations that perfectly capture the wonders of living alone. From the freedom to leave your mark to being able to clean whenever you want, it’s easy to see why living solo is so great! Keep scrolling to take a look – and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

1 Savoring Tranquility

2 Frolicking With Your Dog

3 Immersing Yourself In A Different World

4 Flexible Scheduling

5 Sipping Tea While Gazing At The Rain

6 Not Doing Anything

7 Dancing Freely

8 Snuggling With Your Best Friend

9 Indulging In All the Food You Desire

10 Being Uncoordinated

11 Taking A Luxurious Bath

12 Appreciating The Small Things

13 Going For A Stress-Free Stroll

14 Having a party with yourself.

15 Snacking whenever you feel like it without anyone judging you.

16 Enjoying a morning to yourself.

17 Meditating without distractions.

18 Working the way you like, at your own pace.

19 Indulging In A Delicious Treat

20 Taking A Moment To Yourself

21 Savoring Your Mornings

22 Setting Your Own Standards For Luxury

23 Imagining On A Drizzly Day

24 Cleaning however you like

25 Stretching in the morning with the room to yourself

26 Having your puppy around all the time

27 Waking up with your pup

28 Taking it all in on your morning walk

29 Melting away your troubles in the tub

30 Staking Claim to Your Space

31 Doing the Wash in Any Place

32 Modeling All Your Attire

33 Unleashing Your Creative Side

34 Always Being Beside Your Canines

35 Improving Your Limberness

36 Creating Disorder

37 Dispersing Your Strands Of Hair Because You Are Allowed To

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