The identical twins share significant events from their life as they commemorate their 100th birthday


Nona Matthews and Edith Antonczekki were born on the same day, December 23, 1921, in a town close to Boston.

Learn about their lengthy and interesting lives together.

They had all the experiences together since birth.

One of the twins’ neighbors, Margaret Shaffer, gave background information on the women and outlined how they differ from one another.

In order to support the family, their mother was obliged to work in a shoe factory.

They would put on Nona’s clothes, play instructors, switch classrooms, and assist their mother in taking care of their younger brother John.

Nona brought up three kids. They no longer drive and rely on the goodwill of their friends and neighbors, Edith said, despite the fact that they are both in good health.

She added that Nona does the most of the kitchen work and that they are driven to church and the grocery shop.

The sisters’ genuine longevity secret, according to Nona, is to ‘live a pure life to get to paradise,’ even though she prepares decent food like fresh salmon and eggs on toast.

Cool, isn’t it?

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