The humorous response of a dog to his owner for telling him that he gave all the goodies to the cats goes viral.


The video of this humorous interaction between a dog and its owner got over 205 million views. And it’s called the “best video on the internet” by some.

This video which received a lot of attention on YouTube was titled “Ultimate Dog Tease”.
The video subjects a dog owner talking to his dog about the food goodies from the meat box.
The owner has dubbed the footage to make it appear like the dog is truly talking back to him, which adds to the hilarity of the video.

At the beginning of the video, the owner starts a conversation with his cute canine companion about the meat box in the refrigerator that contains maple bacon,

which follows with little”‘yeahs” and “okays” from the dog’s mouth.
The owner had a strong accent from the east coast, and the dog was given a sweet voice for the voiceover.
With those adorable eyes and the cute little smile, it’s the ideal match for the dog.
Next, the owner explains to the dog how he took the bacon out of the meat box and thought, “I know someone who would enjoy it,” he says. The dog responds to this with a lot of excitement, thinking that the owner is telling about him, and says “yeah? yeah? ”.

Then the dog owner says, “yes, that someone is me! So I ate it all, alone”. The next moment, the dog looks away and yawns out of control, but the voiceover makes it look like the dog is shocked that he wasn’t given any bacon.

The teasing continues as the owner says, “I also saw there was some meat in there.” In anticipation, the dog jumps up again, thinking that he still has a chance.

But the owner disappoints the dog as he says, “I ate them too”.
Next, the owner says that there were some chicken nuggets with cheese and cat goodies on top!. The dog is desperate to partake in this dish, but his dreams are shattered again as the owner says, “I gave it all to the cat”.

Then the dog starts to yawn again in utter disappointment. The owner’s editing skills have made this more and more hilarious.

The video went viral as soon as it was uploaded to Youtube. So, where are we now? It has had over 205 million views and is still growing.

Some comments on this hilarious video depict how much people were drawn to it.

“This video will never get old, and will be the finest on the internet forever.”
“I wish I saw this video earlier so that I can watch it over and over again. And I wanna thank this guy for making such an awesome video, which puts a smile on my face whenever I watch it.”
“For the past eight years, my family has seen this film at least once a month.”
I’m pretty sure that this video made everyone who watched it smile.

And I invite you to watch this awesome video which will definitely put a smile on your face too.

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