The huge paws of the Canadian lynx make it a unique and wonderful creature


The human being to walk on the snow has invented the snowshoes, which increase the support surface allowing him not to sink.

It is incredible to think that what man is able to devise using intelligence is implemented in nature automatically: the difference is that in this case we must wait for slow evolution to provide the appropriate “tools” to face a specific habitat.

See how the legs of the Canadian lynx have transformed to be able to walk at their best on meters and meters of soft snow …

The Canadian lynx mostly inhabits the forests of Canada, Alaska and some areas of the north of the United States.

The large legs allow it not to sink into the snow and offer greater friction to continue hunting skillfully.

Their function is similar to that of ski poles: by increasing the support surface, the lynx manages not to sink.

image: Flickr

This mysterious creature hunts at night and is a solitary animal.

image: Unknown

Unfortunately, they are captured by men for their precious fur, which is why their number has decreased in a worrying way. However, they have not yet been declared endangered.

image: Madcoyote

As puppies their paws are not that big but in a short time they will develop to an impressive size.

image: Wikimedia

They also have another peculiarity besides the big legs … They have a short tail that ends in a very bizarre way!

It is a splendid animal and these characteristics make you want to be able to pet it.

The resemblance to domestic cat cousins ​​is great but their paws are unmistakable.

image: Unknown

Only the Canadian lynx has this particularity, which makes it a spectacular example of biodiversity.

image: Imgur

Even in winter he is a skilled hunter: his favorite prey are wild hares.

image: Unknown

Nature hides incredibly beautiful animals. Like the Canadian lynx there are many others with curious characteristics …

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