Three friends seen hugging each other moments before being swept away in flash flood


They were ‘swallowed up by the flood waters’ despite desperate attempts to rescue them.

The heartbreaking scene of three friends hugging each other before getting caught in a sudden flood in Italy was recorded on video.

The heartbreaking video, shared on X, features Patrizia Cormos, 20, her friend Bianca Doros, 23, and her boyfriend Cristian Molnar, 25, standing in a river with water up to their thighs.

The group found themselves stranded on a tiny pebble island while taking a walk along the Natisone River, Udine in the Friuli region when the water levels surged to dangerous levels. They alerted passersby and firefighters were able to arrive at the scene as soon as possible trying to save the group by tossing them a rope, but the three friends couldn’t grasp it, according to reports.

Unfortunately, they were ‘swallowed up by the flood waters’ and firefighters watched them ‘disappear.’

Giorgio Basile, the head of the provincial firefighters in Udine, shared the heartbreaking story of how we witnessed them being engulfed by the flood waters after we tried to help by throwing them a rope.

On Sunday, June 2nd, the community found two bodies, thought to be Patrizia Cormos and Bianca Doros, about 1 kilometer away from where they were last seen. Cristian Molnar, the third person, is still missing.

The river was thoroughly searched using drones, boats, and divers to intensify the search efforts.

Doros, who is originally from Romania, went to Italy to see her parents.

Cormos, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Udine, went on a drive with her friends to celebrate finishing a major exam, according to her distraught mother.

Allegedly, the three individuals left their vehicle by the river to visit a nearby beach and take pictures.

The tragedy happened within a few minutes, according to Michele De Sabata, the mayor of the neighboring town of Premariacco.

The situation they were in was full of uncertainty. The residents of Premariacco are well aware of the river and its rapidly changing conditions.

He mentioned that the three children came when the weather was sunny. They had no idea what was going to occur. It happened quickly.

A series of powerful storms in northern Italy has caused devastating flash floods, especially in the cities of Padua and Vicenza. The governor of Veneto has compared the extreme weather to a “water bomb.”

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