The Great Dane wants an embrace from his mother every morning.


Despite being massive, he continues to be mama’s baby.

Kernel is indeed a large dog with a massive heart.

175 pounds of sheer affection make up this adorable Great Dane. Embracing his mother is his utmost favorite activity.

Every day Kernel and his mother start their day by giving each other hugs. It’s Kernel’s favorite part of every morning.

Kernel was just not ready to let go when his mother forgot to give Kernel a hug one morning.

“It was a busy morning. So I did not offer Kernel the regular morning embrace. Kernel was moaning at me while lying on the sofa after I returned back home.

Kernel is undoubtedly conscious of his size. In reality, he appears to think of himself as a lapdog.

He settles anywhere he feels comfortable and constantly requests embraces and kisses from his mother, Alyssa.

This is an excellent example of how docile Great Danes can really be.

In reality, this specific dog variety is renowned as gentle giants. It’s because they are pretty lively and excellent with youngsters, according to Hill.

Just take a look at that precious face. You would laugh at the thought that you’ve been terrified of Great Danes since they are so endearing.

Alyssa calls Kernel a mama’s boy, and I’m pretty sure that’s the perfect way to define him.

“He can sense my enthusiasm. Kernel will mimic everything I do. He’ll begin jumping and dancing if I’m jumping, gyrating, and so on.”

If I remain calm, he won’t make a sound.

Alyssa claims that Kernel’s most excellent skill is keeping people around him delighted.

“My father craves attention so desperately that he commands, treat me as you choose. I’m all yours.”

Kernel will not simply enjoy the admiration and adoration he receives every day. He takes care to show his family a lot of affection as well.

He also has no trouble expressing that affection with others as he is a darling.

“I wrote in one of my posts that Kernel and I would enjoy making a buddy with a kid at Boston Children’s Hospital. One of our patients is currently in Boston, according to a letter somebody sent to me. Further the letter said, ‘If you wish to go visit her, feel free to get in touch’.”

This goofball keeps the patients delighted as well. Mainly there was one young girl whose face brightened up every time she learned the dog would be stopping by to see her.

Alyssa made the decision to teach Kernel to be a service dog. As Kernel was a robust and happy dog who was also highly intelligent, he was ideal for it.

He can now give cuddles, embraces, deep touch treatment, and delicate kisses. And besides, his heaviness does come in useful. Kernel is so beloved by Alyssa that she refers to him as “the kid that turns my world.” She also finds it challenging to remain apart from Kernel.

“I dread leaving Kernel. I don’t want to travel abroad or do anything like that. Because it’ll keep me away from Kernel.”

Kernel is a sweet dog that has a way of winning people over. What a huge sweetheart.

See Kernel’s amusing morning routine down below!

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