The Fourth of July drone show in Texas broke a Guinness World Record.


Sky Elements Drone Shows made history by setting a Guinness World Record for their Fourth of July drone show in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Over the extended holiday weekend, they put on an impressive 40 shows using a whopping 10,000 drones with LED lights. In Texas alone, they used 1,002 drones for their show.

The show near Dallas achieved a new record for creating the largest aerial sentence using multirotor drones. The 10-minute display showcased important moments in American history through meticulously choreographed movements.

Fourth of July celebrations are usually associated with spectacular fireworks shows, but LED drones have been gaining popularity as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fireworks. Unlike fireworks, drone shows don’t release harmful smoke or leave behind chemical residue. Additionally, they eliminate the need for explosives, reducing the associated risks.

Sky Elements used 1,002 LED-equipped drones in its record-setting show in Texas.

The remarkable show in Texas, which set a new record, showcased the unique capabilities of drone shows that surpass what fireworks can offer. Drone shows allow for intricate and advanced displays that fireworks alone cannot achieve. In some cases, like the show in Texas, drones are even combined with traditional pyrotechnics for a stunning combination. Furthermore, some photographers have discovered the breathtaking potential of combining drones with pyrotechnics to capture truly incredible photographs.

Sky Elements Drone Shows surpassed its own record by hosting the highest number of drone shows in a single weekend. This achievement reflects a broader trend of moving away from fireworks in various parts of the United States. According to CBS News, several major cities such as Salt Lake City, Boulder, and Lake Tahoe chose to forego traditional pyrotechnics in favor of drone displays. This shift highlights the growing popularity and acceptance of drones as a captivating alternative to fireworks.

On its website, Sky Elements expresses the belief that drones have the potential to become a popular alternative to fireworks for several reasons. Drones are considered eco-friendly, as they produce less environmental impact. They also offer the advantage of being highly customizable, allowing for unique and personalized displays. Additionally, drone shows contribute to reduced noise pollution compared to traditional fireworks. Sky Elements acknowledges that fireworks will likely remain a traditional form of celebration, but they emphasize that drone light shows provide a modern and innovative choice for event organizers who value sustainability and flexibility in their entertainment options.

Of course, as explains, there are some dangers connected to drone shows, such as flying drones that crash and people getting hurt. Of course, a falling drone is less dangerous than a misfired rocket.

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