As all of us know, mothers are known to be the most sacrificial characters in society. From the moment of giving birth to a child, they start risking their life despite all challenges they face.

The story is about a cow named Freser who died after giving birth to her only calf due to unstable health conditions. After a lot of difficulties, while giving birth, Freser finally gave birth to her daughter Savi with the help of a doctor and a kind-hearted man named Ismael, who did his best to comfort her through the process.

The doctor even had to reach into her uterus to pull out the calf. Although, any bleeding was not noticed during the process. But Freser seemed to be much weaker after giving birth. She couldn’t even stand up and was continuously crying as she knew something was wrong.

Finally, after realizing that the baby was safe, Freser kept kissing Ismael as though she was expressing her gratitude. She kept her head on Ismael’s lap and looked into his eyes while tears were falling out of her eyes, like saying “Take good care of my daughter, I trust you!”.

Any mother would not trust a single person in the world when it comes to children unless it is earned with solid trust. Ismael has assured with his deeds that he will look after Savi well and Freser would have felt the same.

Afterward, Freser was taken to another location for further medical attention. It was her final appearance on the premises. Unfortunately, Freser passed away the next day. From that day on, Ismael cared for Savi well at Fundacion Santuario Gaia (Gaia Sanctuary Foundation) as promised.

The incident appears to be a great example to understand how promising the unconditional love of a mother is. So why not make every day a mother’s day! Remember the love you give, the love you get.

Like to dive more into the story, watch the video of Freser, her daughter Savi, and Ismael here

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