The family finds their child shredded a $1000 they had set up to settle debts.


The child’s father and mother searched for the money they had saved to pay off their debts. After searching everywhere, they finally checked the shredder.

Seasonal match tickets are well-known for being prohibitively pricey. They’re things that only the most loyal supporters (or the wealthiest folks) can afford.

Ben Belnap hails from Holladay, Utah, and is an avid football lover. He wished for season tickets to watch his faves, the University of Utah, play. However, the cost was prohibitive.

As new parents, Ben and his spouse didn’t have that much extra cash for entertainment, so they couldn’t afford fancy things like game tickets.

On the other hand, Ben’s parents graciously loaned him the cash so they could go to watch their favourite team play.

The couple was grateful for the present; they needed to repay Ben’s dad as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the pair began to save cash, putting small amounts of money in an envelope till they saved enough to completely cover the sum.

They set aside the package containing $1,060 until another meet-up with Ben’s parents after successfully saving up the required amount.

But when the couple went to grab their envelope with the money on the day they were scheduled to meet Ben’s parents, they couldn’t locate it anywhere.

They searched the whole property, searching every closet, cabinet, and tabletop, pulling up sofas, and inspecting every nook and cranny in the hopes of solving the issue.

Jackie finally ran out of options and searched for the worst spot she could think of. The shredder.

And there it was, in front of her eyes.

Leo, the couple’s little boy, had snatched the envelope and stuffed it inside the shredder.

The cash had vanished, actually in shards.

Their tale got a lot of attention after sharing it on social media.

People were shocked by their misfortune and expressed their sympathies.

Others took a different approach and cracked humour to keep them happy.

The message even got the Budweiser crew, who contacted Ben to give him Utah match day passes!

Many people told him that the US Bank may intervene to help them recover the money.

And it is correct! This is excellent advice if somebody has a kid, a shredding machine, or even both, as we’ve discovered.

Torn US cash is not hopeless.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) of the Department of Treasury provides a Mutilated Currency Redemption Service.

As a result, if the loss meets specific conditions, they may swap damaged banknotes for fresh ones. More than 50% of the note must be recognizable as US cash.

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An essential requirement is that safety characteristics such as the serial number must be recognizable.

So, how will this affect the couple? It’s a mystery.

They’ve followed their Twitter users’ advice and sought up to the US Bank to tell their experience.

It will require anything from six to 3 years. However, the Treasury believes that at least part of the destroyed money may be recovered.

Meanwhile, I’m confident that Ben and Jackee will be concealing their packages further away from their kid. Otherwise, to take the cash to a bank!

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