Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck splitting up comes to light


The evidence that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are heading for divorce is mounting… check comments to see the latest shocking update

During the promotion of her new Netflix film Atlas in Mexico, Jennifer Lopez was directly asked about rumors of her supposed breakup with Ben Affleck, to which she responded, “You know more than that.”

Simu Liu, JLo’s co-star, was heard defending her in the background. He said, “No, we’re not doing that. Come on, please don’t bring that energy here. Thank you very much.”

However, according to body language expert Judi James, JLo displayed indications that suggest otherwise.

Lopez has been through public marriages and divorces before, so she probably anticipated questions about her relationship with Ben, especially with all the rumors going around.

Her body language in this situation may not provide the comfort fans are looking for, as it makes her seem unsure and awkward.

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Judi added, “Whenever the audience asks about their relationship, she hesitates before bursting into laughter into the microphone.”

Her ring hand rises from her knee, as if silently signaling strength, but then she opts to tuck it between her knees instead. She maintains eye contact with her host, appearing lively and cheerful.

Jen tilts her head and gazes across with a friendly gesture, Judi mentioned. Then, she appears to assert herself, leaning forward with a serious face. Her line here is “You know better than that,” while she fidgets with her ring hand. Her body language conveys a sense of finality as she wipes her ring hand on her leg, leans back, and averts her gaze.

JLo has been promoting the new sci-fi film for which she is a producer, without Affleck, 51.

At the start of the week, InTouch magazine reported that Lopez and Affleck had broken up. They suggested that Affleck had left their Beverly Hills home and has been staying at his Brentwood residence for the last week.

The couple was last seen together in March in New York City.

Rumors indicate that the singer was looking for a new home away from her spouse.

Lopez and Affleck got married in July 2022 after getting engaged for the second time. Their relationship has been closely watched since then, especially when she revealed that her previous relationship with Affleck had fallen apart due to the stress.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not released any official statement concerning these rumors.

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