The entire majestic cathedral is constructed from living, breathing trees.


Perhaps the greatest way to explain it was by American artist Maya Lin, who said, “I aim to give people a fresh way of looking at their environment. To me, that is artistic. When he designed Cattedrale Vegetale, commonly known as Tree Cathedral, Italian artist Giuliano Mauri achieved precisely this. Two tree groves he planted will someday develop into two magnificent basilicas.

Italian artist Giuliano Mauri is most recognized for his designs in natural architecture.

He has collaborated in many architecture projects, including the Venice Biennale, Milan Triennale, and Biennale of Penne.

When he set about building the Tree Cathedral, he resolved to produce something even more stunning than his earlier creations.

He started to build the framework for this Tree Cathedral by using tree branches and trunks.

He fashioned cages out of tree stumps. After building these cages, he planted two groves of trees, including 80 hornbeam saplings inside of them that will eventually mature into giant trees.

The concept behind this is that nature will step in and fill in the spaces as the wood ages and decays.

The 42 columns that make up The Tree Cathedral are arranged in a basilica with five aisles.

This project used 1,800 spruce trunks and 600 chestnut tree branches, which were then joined using 6,000 meters of hazelnut twigs. They accomplished this by weaving and interlacing ancient techniques.

They’ll start to spread out and form a natural roof over this cathedral.

You must visit the cathedral in person to really comprehend its enormity because it is enormous.

It occupies 650 square meters and took months to develop. Its dimensions are more than 90 feet long by 80 feet wide, and its height spans from 16 to 70 feet!

Mauri began developing this vision in 2001. After Mauri passed away in 2009, the cathedral was finished in 2010 and is now a tribute to him and his achievements.

The Tree Cathedral is situated in Northern Italy, at the base of Mount Arera.

Mauri undoubtedly had a vision, and he could realize that vision via stunning works of art and architecture. I would want to visit this location because it appears quite beautiful. It’s lovely that his memory will endure for a very long time because of this exquisite Tree Cathedral.

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