Plumber took job at cancer-sick 91-year-old’s home, and his invoice is now going viral


The elderly woman’s daughter was stunned when they saw the invoice for the work.

Don’t worry if you think you’ve lost faith in humanity, because James Anderson, a 52-year-old plumber, is here to help you get it back.

This generous man with a heart of gold helps vulnerable individuals by fixing things for them without asking for any payment.

He previously operated a business which he closed down to establish the non-profit organization Depher.

Even though he has been volunteering without pay for a while, it was only recently that his act of kindness became known nationwide.

Namely, the bill he gave to a 91-year-old lady with acute-leukemia with total of zero dollars to charge was posted online by the woman’s daughter and vent viral.

James, a father of five, kindly stated on the bill that there will be absolutely no charge for this lady under any circumstances. He assured her that he and his team will be available round the clock to assist her and ensure her utmost comfort.

“A lot of people close to me ask: why are you getting yourself in to debt? Why are you doing this?” he said.

“To me, debt is debt… I would rather owe some money to somebody and another person be alive and happy and safe.”

Since 2017, when he began offering free or affordable plumbing services to those in need, his department’s expenses have increased to approximately $9,940. However, he considers this amount insignificant compared to the joy he brings to those he assists.

“It’s an ethos that’s in my heart and it will always stay there.”

Just recently, he decided to ask others to be part of his company so that more vulnerable citizens get the help they desperately need.

“I’ve spoken to quite a few engineers around the country and they’re all for it… it’s just getting the funding,” he said.

“I don’t want any person who is elderly and disabled in this country, in this day and age, to die or suffer because of a cold home or a lack of funding to repair the boiler.”

“It shouldn’t be happening – that number should be down to zero. Simple as that.”

After his invoice became popular, numerous individuals got to know about his work, and James managed to collect $100,000 in donations. Now, he no longer faces difficulties in sustaining his non-profit organization.

James is truly an exceptional individual. In today’s world, it is extremely uncommon to come across someone who prioritizes the happiness of others over their own. However, James serves as evidence that such individuals do exist and contribute to making our world a significantly better place.

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