The dog that fake limped to show how much he cared for his owner, sweet and hilarious at the same time.


We all know dogs are cute and lovable. But did you know that they can be hilarious too? Our story’s main protagonist Bill the dog, lives in London, and he’s the living proof to show how dogs have a heart bigger than anyone.

The owner of the dog is Russell Jones. He was injured and had a plaster cast on his right leg, so he had to walk with a crutch. However, even though many people mocked him, his dog imitated him to prove his loyalty and undying love.

As shown in the video, bill walks, keeping his left paw up, thus imitating his owner. Even though imitation seems like a form of mocking in the human world, dogs imitate others to show how much they care about their owners. All this act was performed only to show how much he loved him, even though it cost Russell 300$.

A viewer, Bex Brock-Hollinshead, has commented that he pays his sympathies towards the owner for his vet’s bill.

Obviously, the money will be wasted upon a vet’s bill, which isn’t necessary, but it’s hard to be mad at the dog for pouring affection towards the owner. Also, his imitation has made him an internet sensation.

It’s described that several species such as birds, apes, and monkeys imitate others intending to mock, but in this case, dogs try to imitate others to show how loyal and affectionate they are. They even imitate others when they know that it won’t benefit them.

Experts said that this imitating habit followed evolution, and it’s surprising that dogs have evolved to become a more lovable and pure species.

Bill shows what dogs are for. He proved that they are intelligent and affectionate. He watched after his owner and even raised awareness. Bill revealed that dogs never judge or criticize humans, and all they are doing is loving them unconditionally.

After this affection showing act, Russell has gifted Bill 400$, which he could use to treat his leg. But all he did with that money was take care of his pet.

When Sky News Australia uploaded the video about this hilarious incident, the comment section was flooded with sweet comments from people.

“OH, the melting of my heart from the amazingly beautiful, loyal, loving creatures we get to have in our lives that most don’t deserve. Omg, I just love doggies so much, there’s not a person on earth I would choose over my 2 babies, and this video makes me happy seeing others appreciate the love of dogs. “

“They are so loyal, caring, and loving. How precious is this beautiful animal, speedy recovery to both of you!!!!! “

“That is as sweet as it is remarkable. Dogs are the best! They are so aware and conscious, more so than humans sometimes. Dogs are the best!”

Watch the video about Bill’s love and how it opened people’s minds to love dogs even more than before.

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