The dog jumps into the water to defend his owner from a shark.


It is about a family that decided to walk on the shore of the beach with their pet, a dog. The event occurred near the coast of Haggerstone Island, located in Australia.

While they were walking, the owners of the animal noticed a shark that was stalking them. The dog did not hesitate for a second to jump into the water to scare away the shark that wanted to attack its owner.

The moment was captured by a visitor who was also taking a walk on the beach, had his phone camera on, and when he saw the act, he decided to record it to upload it to the networks and show the courage and daring of the mascot. The dog managed to scare off the shark in a matter of seconds.

Here is the video:

Users have left emotional comments and have been shocked by the reaction of the noble dog, who has taken it upon himself to confirm that the dog is man’s best and most faithful friend. “What a noble animal”, “he is risking his life for his owners”, and “how amazing the dog’s love for his owners” were some comments from users on social networks when watching the video.

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