The designer chooses female acid attack victims to be models, and empowers them


Approximately 1,500 acid attacks are reported per year, and women are the primary victims and although it is a crime that has reprisals in several countries, however, most cases remain without any justice.

South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Iran have a higher incidence. In recent years, attacks on dozens of women have increased. Although they are not lethal, physical and mental damage is the main problem for them to reintegrate into society and feel safe and beautiful despite their injuries.

The lines of investigation always point to relatives or acquaintances of the victims, as well as supporters of the Islamic Republic, who demand the use of the compulsory hijab. The Iranian Ministry of Health has shared some cruel statistics. About 60 or 70 cases of acid attacks happen every year.

Masume Attaie’s 39-year-old father-in-law attacked her and threw acid on the woman’s face after she wanted to divorce her son, leaving her completely blind.

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What happened 12 years ago was not considered a crime by Islamic law. However, she is far from seeking justice, now, she just wants to leave everything in the past and move forward, to be recognized as an artist and model.

Amen Hadem is an Iranian fashion designer and decided to change the lives of many women by hiring them to be models for his brand and increase their confidence and self-confidence to consider themselves beautiful again.

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“Perhaps a woman’s facial beauty is all she has. When that is destroyed, it is challenging for a person to accept it and return to society once again,” Attaei said.

In 2014 a wave of attacks took place in Iran, but in 2011, the story of Ameneh Bahrami shook society after learning of the attack she had suffered just for rejecting a man’s offer of marriage.

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The great opportunity that the designer gives these women is an initiative that many other artists should start to gradually reincorporate women who are victims of this type of attack.

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