The daughter and the mother who proved even the doctors wrong; the daughter is now a model.


The selfless mother was warned that the future would be extremely hard for her and her daughter. Also, she ended up proving all the predictions wrong.

Being a mother is a moment where happiness could jump over limits. But Renee’s joy didn’t last long. Her child was down syndromic. Right once, she understood that the journey ahead would be challenging.

The doctors in charge of Renee and her newborn, Kennedy, soon told Renee that her child would be far better off in an institution. They assumed she’d have had to wear diapers until she was an adult.

The doctors predicted that Kennedy’s quality of life would have been better if she had been institutionalized.

Renee didn’t think it was best to separate her child despite all the advice. She disobeyed the doctors’ orders and ensured that Kennedy grew up strong and healthy in her eyesight.

Kennedy’s doctors were not incorrect when they predicted a difficult life for her. She also had Leukemia. But being brave as her mother, she fought the strong and fearless.

Kennedy demonstrated to her physicians and the rest of the world that she could accomplish things that many feared she would never be able to do as she got older. The little girl enjoyed dancing and competed in several state-wide events. Finally, she ended up as a model for famous American companies.

The little girl is now 16 years and has been proving her strengths from time to time.

Kennedy has battled various illnesses, including cancer, yet defeated them. Her physical state didn’t matter because she understood exactly what she wanted.

Above all, Kennedy exemplifies courage and the determination to achieve what others believe is impossible for someone in her situation.

Kennedy was in love with another syndromic down boy named Mathew.

Who says love is solely for people who aren’t handicapped? When she encountered someone who would love and adore her more than she deserved, this young woman also withstood the odds.

Renee understood how ignorant the doctors were after delivering Kennedy. They assumed that a kid with Down syndrome would not be able to live a regular life, much less achieve anything.

Her bravery, motivating attitude, greatness, and beauty have won her followers worldwide. Over 138,000 people have followed the m account.

Renee could not tell how much she adored her daughter’s success as a mother. The mother and daughter work in favour of individuals facing a situation like they met. They commence various programs to inform people of down syndrome.

Kennedy highlights the fact that it is possible to live a joyful life with Down syndrome. With the appropriate support and love, even the most dismal situation may be transformed around for the best.

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