The cute clip of Baby and Cat’s adorable bond gets millions of views.


In the modern world, technology has been advanced, thus influencing every single activity in our day-to-day routine. Among that influential techno, camera-related devices have been working as a most essential. Here we are about to refer to a story of an adorable clip caught on a baby cam.

Kelly de Alba is a new mom who witnessed a surprising yet cute incident on the baby security camera.

Once a night, Kelly was checked in on her baby daughter through the camera. She was surprised to see their family cat – Luna, in the crib with the baby. Before Kelly called Luna out of bed, the pair seemed to snuggle happily in the crib. Also, this wasn’t the first time.

Luna was initially adopted from an animal shelter by the family. After Luna joined the family, the cute cat instantly got close to baby Kallie. when Kelly understood the sweet cat was just the right pet for them. After getting a place in the family, Luna tends to be much closer to baby Kallie. With time they became inseparable. The couple is used to spending the majority of their day together. Kelly also stated that the duo gets cherished by hearing each other’s names. Luna is always concerned about the little girl’s safety. Merely, Luna has transformed into a second parent to the little baby.

The best friends have created an unbreakable bond with each other. Thanks to the baby cam, many such instances are recorded as videos. More than everything, the de Alba family feels happy to watch the couple’s happiness together.

“Before having Kallie, I decided to visit the place and was told there is a kittie they wished to show me. Next, they walked in with Luna. And she immediately got on Kallie’s baby carrier,” the mother said during a conversation with The Dodo. “She was so adorable that I felt I should take her home.”

De Alba claimed that Kallie and Luna became inseparable after taking Luna home.

“Whenever I mention Luna to her, she smiles. Every moment I lift her or move her close, she starts to giggle,” de Alba said.

De Alba added that the kittie’s behaviour toward the young baby was unexpected. “I’m in awe of how kind Luna seems to be with her. Luna barely flinches when Kallie tugs on her hair, she claims.

The mom claimed that the cat almost bonded with the child as soon as she took her home. “It’s like they knew each other from the beginning. It really is a cat and baby thing,” de Alba said.

The relationship between the kitten and the newborn has gone viral online. De Alba has launched a TikTok account to chronicle the well-known couple, which has amassed thousands of people on the internet. Thousands of people follow them, and it has over 10 million likes. Anyone may tell just how connected Luna and Kallie are by looking at their TikTok profile.

The two are very cute together. I don’t think you’ve ever witnessed a pair more adorable than them. Please share this post with everyone you think will enjoy it.

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