The courageous brother saves his sister from a 9-foot bull shark.


The overwhelming courage and quick thinking of her brother saved her leg from the mouth of the shark.

Owning a flexible and agile mind is advantageous when faced with a circumstance that threatens one’s life. The fact that this young guy, fortunately, possesses it allowed him to rescue her sister from the jaws of a near-death catastrophe.

On June 30, a 17-year-old girl named Addison Bethea was scalloping on Florida’s Keaton Beach when a surprise visitor approached her.

She described her experience to Good morning America; in an instant, she felt something grabbing her leg, and she saw a Shark holding her leg with a glace.

Fortunately, Addison’s awareness of shark attacks sprang to mind because of an Animal Planet broadcast. Yet Addison was fastened in a position where she couldn’t grab the shark’s nose, even though she understood she should do so in the event of an attack.

The courageous girl fought the shark despite her helpless predicament. She attempted to remove her legs with just her bare hands.

Addison’s elder brother, Rhett Willingham, leaped into the lake to save her as soon as the water turned red.

Rhett recalled that he witnessed blood and the shark while his sister tried to back up to the shore.

The courageous man just swam to the place, grabbed her sister, and tried separating her sister from the shark while kicking him on the nose. With no time, he started swimming back to the land, shouting for help. The shark, too, kept following them.

Rhett, 22, is a Taylor County medical emergency tech and fireman, so he is fortunate to be prepared for emergency circumstances. To rescue his sister, he kicked and fought the shark mercilessly. When it released Addison, he scooped her and put her on a passing stranger’s boat.

To stop the blood, the quick-thinking brother constructed a 4-foot bandage out of the rope from the boat and tied it around his sister’s right upper thigh.

Addison was then evacuated to the closest hospital, where her status was described as “critical.”

The shark attack victim, age 17, required immediate surgery due to the seriousness of her wounds.

According to Addison’s father, Shane Bethea, “the shark grabbed her right leg, and the front quad tendon was utterly wrecked.” “It was a terrible, terrible wound. The vascular surgeon converted the veins from the left leg into an artery so that blood could flow to the right leg.

Notwithstanding what had happened, they were still grateful she had lived through that terrifying time when a shark, which they said was a “bull shark” at least 9 feet in length, attacked her.

Almost 4 days following the incident, locals reported seeing sharks loitering around the same place where the shark attacked Addison. It also followed attacks a short time later in California and the Florida Keys.

Authorities warned swimmers and scallopers in the region following the Addison instance to remain aware and cautious.

If you’re interested in Addison’s current condition, you may look her up on Shane Bethea’s Facebook page. Also, you may assist Addison with her hospital expenses. Feel free to submit a check to the Buckeye Community Federal Credit Union, 1825 S. Jefferson St., Perry, Florida 32348, with “Addison Bethea” in the note.

Feel free to submit a check to the Buckeye Community Federal Credit Union, 1825 S. Jefferson St., Perry, Florida 32348, with “Addison Bethea” in the note.

To learn more about this story, watch the video below, and please share this with your loved ones. This may even help someone to save their life 🙂

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