The courageous 72-year soul adopts 6 of her great-grandchildren, knowing it’s a struggle; genuine friendship comes to aid.


Life is always unpredictable. Sometimes, we will have to overtake responsibilities we have never dreamt of taking on. Ella Setzler, a 72-year-old widow, had 6 of her grandchildren under her protection.

Though it was a struggle. Fortunately, the old lady had terrific friends who always watched for her. Once when the old woman dropped onto hard times, her best friend moved in to support her, launching a miraculous Christmas.

Let’s have an expanded look at the scenario;

Even though it may appear stressful, the 72-year-old widow has adopted all six of her great-grandchildren. She feels it worthy to all extents.

“I have to protect and care for them because they are my whole world,” the 72-year-old said, turning her emotions of love into words.

However, it’s way tougher than it appears; she goes through many hardships trying to care for her great-grandchildren.

The financial status was literally down to the ground as the grandmother wasn’t raising much money. Her earnings were not enough to care for her six great-grandchildren and pay the bills piling up.

As most of us do, she had to cover up monthly rent, vehicle, utilities, and daycare expenditures. In addition, her house had a water leak that would cost her $900. She just lacked the financial resources to keep up with everything.

Luckily, she had one wonderful friend who kept an eye on her. The friend appeared to be real life, Alice from the wonder Land. Alice was aware that Ella required help. But Alice was unable to help Ella with everything.

“She’s in pain, and I’m in pain because I cannot assist her,” said Alice.

Even though Alice couldn’t meet all of Ella’s necessities, she knew where to turn for assistance. She contacted the FOX5 Surprise Squad, which accepts recommendations for community residents in need of help.

In no time, the request was accepted, and the Squad arrived.

Ella burst into tears as soon as she realized what was going on. Ms. Alice then revealed herself in the scene, and the two mates shared a huge hug with an emotional upsurge.

Ms. Ella was assisted by several people.

Together with Southern Nevada and Aqua Plumbing, they stepped in to help her with her water problems for free. Ms. Ella could not hold onto her emotions, and tears just started to fall by that act of compassion.

The Squad assistance wasn’t only focused on getting her cash flow under control. Being an old woman, the support staff obviously understood the necessity of granting her some time to relax.

A limousine showed up and took her and Ms. Alice away for a spa day.

Yet the twists and turns continued to come.

Ms. Ella’s house was completely decked for Christmas by the whole Surprise Squad team. They cleaned the home thoroughly and updated the house with new furnishings.

They also placed a Christmas tree.

The Squad placed Christmas presents that they had purchased for all of Ms. Ella’s children. The Squad even-handed each kid a $500 gift card.

Though the biggest gift was still on the way, United Nissan decided to cover her rent for an entire year.

The company’s founders were moved to help because Ms. Ella is 72 in age but still a great soul with such tremendous humanity. All those happenings were unbelievable; she couldn’t control herself when she discovered the wonderful news.

Her emotions were bursting.

“My prayers have been answered by the Lord!” Trust in the Lord, and He will provide for you. He cleared the path for me.” Ella expressed her gratitude and praises through tears.

The incident has been a major turning point in the life of the courageous 72-year-old and the 6 kids. It is all thanks to genuine companionship.

Ms. Ella’s expenses will go down entirely after her repairs to the water problem and paying her rent is ended.

Furthermore, they have provided her great-grandchildren and the entire family with an amazing vacation.

“This isn’t about gifts.” One of Ella’s great-grandchildren added, “It’s about loving your family.”

Don’t forget to watch the festive homecoming from the video below. Also, share the story with your loved ones and communicate the positivity.

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