The cleaning lady shows her luxury holidays: “I get up at 6 in the morning to be able to afford them”


We have different hobbies and interests, but perhaps the most common passion is travel. Most people like to go on adventures, discover new cities and hidden places, and get to know different cultures. In every place, there is something to learn. Often, however, it happens that you don’t have the means and the time to be able to move. For this reason, social networks have taken on a fundamental role, which allows us to observe and, in a certain sense, visit the metropolis more closely, which otherwise we could never know.

This woman understood it well and chose to travel and show, through photos and videos published on her social profiles, all the places and cities she visits.

Her name is Yanina Alfaro, she is 44 years old and works as a cleaning lady. Through her profiles, she has decided to share her movements. The decision to show her adventures around the world came about by chance when she saw many people posting photos and videos of their daily lives on social media. Hence, she also chose to show everyone her passion: travel.

The images immortalize the woman in suggestive places and luxury hotels. However, this has prompted many users to wonder how she managed to afford all this with the work she does. For this reason, many have commented on her photos of her, strongly criticizing her and not believing she was a maid.

Tired of all this, Yanina decided to answer and show how those trips result from a strong commitment: ” I don’t do my job for just 4 hours, but for 12. I wake up at six and work from 7 to 19 to be able to allow these amusements.

Furthermore, he has also chosen to use social media to advise on the best ways to clean houses, sharing the knowledge acquired thanks to his experience. She has been working in this field for 13 years. After all, she understood that thanks to this job, she could have had greater advantages because, in this way, she could manage her schedules and holidays.

Yanina has chosen to use the money she earns to travel. What do you think?

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