The child asks his father to come back at Christmas to give him a hug: “then you go with your other children”


Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time, at least for most children in different parts of the world, because it means that they will receive many gifts for behaving well throughout the year, for them it is the culmination of their year and What better way than next to your loved ones, eating delicious things and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.

For many adults, it is unimportant, or they take advantage of these dates to go on a trip. However, for Lupito, a little boy who went viral on social networks is completely different because, through a video, he decided to take advantage and ask for what he wants most: to have someone like her dad at Christmas.

It all started when someone recorded him in front of a camera, saying that Santa Claus doesn’t bring him gifts because he doesn’t know where his house is; he even told his mom that he couldn’t find his home address, and that’s why he couldn’t get there.

After listening to his moving story, the person who was recording him asked him if he wanted to add anything else, and Lupito continued with something that could break anyone’s heart because he said that his father couldn’t find his way home either and that’s why there was no back with them.

The adult tries to make him feel better and tells him that this year everything will be different and that Santa will come home because he will contact him.

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Lupito is immediately happy but does not forget that he would also like him to be able to contact his father. The man tells him that I better send him a message because it is more likely that he will see it this way.

With great courage, the boy continues to record the video with the hope of going viral and that among all the people who see it, his father is one of them.

«My mom said that my dad already has another family, that’s why he didn’t come back to see me. Dad, you can come at Christmas to see me and give me a hug, then you go with your other children”, says Lupito with his eyes about to cry.

Immediately afterwards, a second video appeared on the @elpalomo account where Lupito asks, “are you going to see me today?” and the answer is “not today, son, but maybe one of these days I can get to see this video.”

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He ended with a forceful but moving speech: “Dad, I miss you so much, I want you to come so that my mother doesn’t cry anymore, I’m grown up and I’m going to behave very well but we keep fighting with my grandmother,” he concluded.

The video was immediately filled with comments expressing how much the boy’s tender message affected them and that they hoped their wish could be fulfilled one day.

«My father left 44 years ago, he did not return because he did not find my house either. I understand that pain, those men are not men, they are cowards. You are beautiful and I agree with you, mine also abandoned us,” the users commented.

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