The born talent of the 4-year cutie pie will give you goosebumps.


A video on the internet of a 4-year-old Irish dancer evidentially proves the statement before our eyes. She already possesses the requirements to create a future world champion.

The tiny adorable has achieved much at such an early age. Even though the little dancer was only four years when the video was captured, the young talent was already an owner of 2 trophies and six medals. There’s nothing to argue. She’s a star kid with born talent.

Other than all the achievements she has already accomplished, she has mastered practice and memorized four different routines. She has begun her journey to show up as a star on the big stages shortly.

The young dancer is petite, but her energy could make the house down! First, she stands innocent, introduces herself, and stays steady until the music is on. At the start, she looks like a usual kid, but she turns out to be someone else with the music.

The little talent starts to show up in her routine with no time. She jumps gracefully while maintaining her posture. Especially her hands are positioned straight down beside her skirt. It looks incredible how she is disciplined to adapt her actions according to the routine she is performing.

The dance she is performing is a traditional Irish dance that’s well known worldwide.

According to Wikipedia, Irish dance is a particular group of traditional dance forms that originated in Ireland. It is being danced as solo performances and group performances. The dancing is done for social, competitive, and performance purposes. Currently, Irish dance is developed by various influences such as French quadrilles, Native Irish dance, and English country dancing.

The steps in the Irish dances are much more complex and a bit confusing to get on with. Yet the little girl’s performance seems to be out of superiority. She is making out a blast, and the audience is enjoying it. The audience shows their absolute support for the little dancer, clapping rhythmically to the music.

With every hop, she kicks her feet powerfully. The little girl looks so light on her feet, making it feel much cuter to watch.

Her look appears to be charming. The costume she is wearing is a regular pre-schooler uniform; long white socks, flat shoes, and a pair of eyeglasses. The combination of talent and the costume seems to create a total package of a performer.

The hops, shuffling the legs between left and right, leave the crowd in awe!

The little girl is overloaded with cute moves. The sequence of her routine is on to the point. With all the fluidity, the dance always follows upbeat, lively music. She is nailing it!

The transitions are up to the beat with excellent coordination and body balance.

All this information is enough to understand how she has her name in front of several achievements. Her talents are undeniably god gifted. With such a vast talent, she can easily make it to the international platforms.

The people who saw the dance were also impressed!

The video has passed more than 3.6 Million views. Though the video was uploaded 12 years ago, the audience is still widening. Almost everyone watching can’t help but express their feelings about the impressive moves.

A comment wrote;
“What a beautiful child, a natural….like she is floating on air.”

“Crazy good coordination for a 4-year-old!. TBH, I’m still tripping over my own feet as an adult….” told another amazed viewer.

The comment section was full of love for her pure talent, and some were concerned if she’s dancing up to date?

Update?? She is 14-15. Is she still dancing? She had talent

You may also have the same question in your mind.”

If so, we can’t wait to watch her perform again, whether live or online. And besides, she has a talent that should be highlighted to the entire world.

After all these, you must be eager to watch the performance of the little cutie pie. You can find it below.

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