The bond between a mother and her child is evident in these 20 images.

Few things are as adorable as the birth of a new baby, regardless of breed. Seeing proud mothers showering their children with love may also be a natural sight, as they can range from tearful situations to times of hilarity.

Bright Side gathered a collection of photographs that highlight how adorable motherhood would be in the animal kingdom.

  1. “I’ve been volunteering at an animal shelter for the past two weeks. I brought my first adoptive family home with me. “Mom with her three-week-old twins”

2. “Mother bird and her chicks. I found the nest outside the door of my house “

3. “Mommy’s boy”

4. “Two cat mothers with nine kittens”

5. “A bird has its nest in my mother’s window”

6. “Cocoa, the queen, gave birth to these beauties”

7. “I managed to take this photo of my husky and her puppy snuggling up.”

8. “My sweet dog had her first litter. She is a very loving and attentive mother “

9. “She is such a proud mother.”

10.”Jasmin (the mother) appears exhausted, but I snapped this shot of her with her 11 infants immediately.” It’s reassuring, to be honest.

11. “A contented mother”

12. “Until I heard sounds beneath my car, I was heartbroken because I assumed the cat had lost her kittens.”

13. “The eyes of newborns began to open”

14. “Hide and seek” 

15. “Our house was invaded by two stray cats who decided to remain. This happened before we could get them to the vet.”

16. Cute Mom

17. “My mother and I”

18. “Kenny became a new mother.” 15 to 20 eggs should be laid. “It’s also our tiniest fowl.”

19. “My dog has recently given birth to a child. Take a peek at his proud expression.”

20. “Newborn cubs,” “Mom and baby are both in good health.”

What do you believe to be the most amazing feat of parenting in the animal kingdom? Do you all have a beautiful photo about you and your mother that you’d want to share with the rest of the planet?

Cover Image Credit : allysonlynn981 / Reddit

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