Jonathan Nimorf, who is known to be a well-renowned photographer, discovered one of the best eye-opening things that one could ever come across in their life. Jonathan finds himself as an occasional marine fanatic and a navigator.

One day, as he was taking a walk along the shore, situated closer to his Nantucket home, he noticed an unusual wave. He stopped for a while and captured some incredible shots of it using his camera. Then he kept watching the waves that crashed with the sea’s frozen cold, where the temperature was recorded as 19 F.

At frigid temperatures similar to other water bodies, the Atlantic Ocean freezes. Here, even though we can observe lakes freezing every year, freezing of the oceans is very infrequent.

After all, he uttered, “When I went to the beach, the horizon seemed strange. As I ascended the hill, I saw that the ocean was beginning to freeze, about 300 yards from the shore. Winds from the southwest are generally not good for navigating rough or foggy conditions, but the winds have not changed as the surface of the ocean has cooled. Its replica was perfect, dreamy, rough waves.”

 So once again, this story takes us back to the saying, “Within everything that we come across in nature, there is always something magical, but it can only be experienced by the ones who observe.”

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