The 400-Year-Old Bonsai Tree That Survived Even The Hiroshima Attack Just Keeps Growing


This very old bonsai has been planted in 1625, almost four full centuries ago, and it managed not only to survive the passing of time, but also the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima, which is said to have killed around 140,000 people. The owners of this tree, the Yamaki family managed to also survive this tragedy, even though they lived very close to the place where the bomb landed.

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At the moment this bonsai found its forever home in Washington D.C. in the U.S. National Arboretum and it was a gift from the bonsai master, Masaru Yamaki in 1976. Thanks to Yamaki’s nephew, who visited the collection in 2001, the staff of the arboretum found out the vast history of this tree, as they were completely unaware up until that point. The NBF at the National Arboretum and Bonsai Empire decided to celebrate this bonsai with a video.

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