Teens find ‘frozen’ creature stuck under the car, drop everything to help it


Teenagers find “frozen” creature stuck under car, rush it to the vet who can’t believe her eyes…

Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart, two compassionate buddies from the Canadian town of Saint Andrews in New Brunswick, spotted a crowd near a car. Intrigued, they decided to investigate and were taken aback by what they saw. A mysterious creature, completely unidentifiable and seemingly frozen, was trapped beneath the vehicle.

Upon closer examination, they discovered a squirrel coated in insulation foam. The distressed creature was immobile and clearly had little time left. Determined to help, the two teenagers made a decision to rescue the helpless animal. “It was unrecognizable,” said Jaydon, a 15-year-old speaking to CBC Canada.

Jaydon’s mother was contacted and informed about the situation. She agreed to assist and contacted a veterinary clinic that was approximately 20 miles away from where the squirrel was discovered. While waiting for Jaydon’s mother, the boys found a milk crate and placed the squirrel inside it.

Dr. Melanie Eagan, from St. George Veterinary Clinic, expressed her astonishment, stating that she had never witnessed anything of this nature before.

The woman explained that the squirrel was stuck in the insulation foam, only able to move its back legs a little bit. She mentioned that someone must have been fixing a hole to block a draft, and the squirrel accidentally got trapped in the wet foam. The foam hardened fast, causing the squirrel to get into trouble quickly.

Fortunately, the veterinarians were committed to assisting the tiny creature. They used rubbing alcohol to remove the foam from the animal’s fur and showed great patience. Eventually, the squirrel was able to move freely. After a while, it was set free in its natural habitat.

Photo: Facebook/St. George Veterinary Clinic

Without Jaydon and Aidan, the squirrel would have perished effortlessly.

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