Target faced criticism after customers revealed the less-than-impressive Black Friday “deals.”


Target customers found themselves “confused” by some of the store’s purported Black Friday deals.

Although many people prefer to do the majority of their holiday shopping online to secure the best deals for gifts, some still choose to visit physical stores to explore the deals available.

Fortunately, some shoppers who visited physical stores have noticed something questionable.

Target’s social media pages featured promotions for in-store offers like 30 percent off clothing and 25 percent off certain beauty and health care sets. However, some customers discovered that these deals might not be as attractive as they appear.

TikTok user @djdowneygirl posted a video on the platform yesterday (25 November), and it has already amassed an impressive 25 million views.

In the video, the woman is shown browsing her local Target and noticing some TVs on sale as part of the Black Friday deals.

However, as she examines the sign, she reveals the previous sale sign that was in place before Black Friday, and it displays the same price.

“I’m confused,” she remarks to the camera.

In another video, someone examines an item of clothing in the Black Friday sale only to discover that the label underneath the top one indicates a price $5 cheaper.

@djdowneygirl later clarified in a follow-up video on her TikTok that she had gone to the store ‘for some snacks’ and, after seeing similar videos, began to question if that was indeed the case.

People have since expressed their opinions on the issue, and it’s safe to say they are not particularly pleased.

“Wow, that’s not a deal,” commented one person on TikTok.

Another person claimed, “They haven’t done any actual deals in years.”

A third person added, “I found one where the regular price was lower than the Black Friday deal.”

In other discussions, former retail workers attempted to provide a possible explanation.

“One person said, “It makes it easier the next day.”

Another commenter wrote, “I worked at a Target. I was lazy. Hope this helps.”

A third person shared, “I currently work retail, and we are told to have the original tags behind. When the sale is over, there is a list to take the tags off.”

A fourth person commented, “We didn’t take down the original price sign because it’s just easier to put back up after Black Friday.”

However, some people quickly noticed in @djdowneygirl’s video that the tag underneath still showed that it was available for purchase.

“This is the discounted price that goes beyond Black Friday. The tag in front is specifically for Black Friday, which is why it’s black.”

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