“Tarantulas with wings” appear, and we explain everything about this rare species.


This animal is terrifying. Because of its size and its vast wings, it can create a phobia for anyone. But, in reality, it is not a spider but a moth. Therefore, they ensure that the images disseminated on the Internet are false.

The species, which goes by the name Antheraea polyphemus measures about 15 centimetres in length and is found mainly in the United States, Canada and northern Mexico. However, despite its creepy appearance, it does not represent any danger to people.

He is also known, of course, as Polyphemus. It remains in trees as a caterpillar for approximately two months, lays its flat, brown eggs on the leaves, and has 1 to 2 young per year.

Another characteristic this moth has, like arachnids, is the hairs on its legs, which makes it easier to confuse. In addition, it has large purple spots on its hind wings, which are used as a defence mechanism against its predators.

This animal can stay calmly in the trees as long as it is not attacked mainly by squirrels and parasitic insects. However, another cause of death may be trimming trees and leaving external lights on at night.

Now that you know a little more about these harmless moths, it helps to share to dismiss other people’s fear.

Let’s hope everyone knows this species and take care of our planet.

You have to have respect for all species of animals and insects. Since they all fulfil a function in the ecosystem.

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