Fireman saves 8 Labrador puppies from storm drain: Suddenly realises they’re actually not dogs


The animal could sometimes get stuck in tight spots. In some cases, young animals have escaped from their mothers and ended up in very small spaces, like a tree or a thorny bush.

Version 1: Persistent, precise, and cautious individuals are needed in these challenging situations. This might be the reason why firefighters often manage to rescue trapped animals.

Upon receiving an alert call last week, fire captain Brian Vaughan immediately recognized its significance.

Eight puppies of a tiny black dog were found stuck in a drain. The person who called believed that a group of black Labrador puppies had been abandoned in the pipe by their mother and father.

The animals were rescued from the drain by the fire department within 20 minutes. They were then brought to the Humane Rescue Organization in the Pikes Peak Area unharmed.

At that moment, it dawned on everyone that they hadn’t saved any puppy dogs. The black puppies had completely transformed into a bundle.

Vaughan clarified that one of the veterinarians on site pointed out, “These are not labradors, they’re foxes.”

Foxes are quite prevalent in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains, and that’s exactly where this litter was located.

Travis Sauder, the District Manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, mentioned to CBS4 that he wasn’t shocked by the call to the firefighters, or by the discovery of the foxes in the area.

“During this season, many animals are giving birth to their young in small dens, which we may come across while enjoying outdoor activities,” Sauder mentioned.

Sauder plans to return the foxes to the pipe, hoping that their mother will come back to care for them.

Sauder mentioned that we will return these animals to their original location, with the hope that their mother is still nearby and can resume her usual responsibilities. In case the mother is no longer present, we can transport them to a licensed re-hab facility.

Misunderstandings about wildlife happen often, so it’s best to contact an expert to identify the animal instead of trying to handle it yourself. Sometimes, good intentions can unintentionally harm wild animals.

Hopefully, these baby foxes will be reunited with their mom soon. If you adore all types of animals, please like and share!

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