Study confirms that men are attracted to each other when they are drunk.


Apparently if you have to worry when your partner tells you, “Don’t worry, love, we’re just friends.”

When a party is being held, going to a club, dancing or in a simple meeting with friends that involves alcohol, it is normal for us to see attitudes that are out of the ordinary. People can bring out a personality outside of what they show daily when they have a few drinks. If we start to classify the types of drunkards, our list may get too long. There are the sad drunkards, the sincere ones, the crazy ones and the ones we want to talk about today: the affectionate drunkards.

It is not a secret that when men drink alcohol, they may become closer to their friends, leading to a homoerotic dynamic between them.

This type of dynamic has aroused the interest of various branches of research, and a team of experts conducted a study that confirms that drunk men do not joke when they flirt with their friends.

A study published in The Journal of Social Psychology took 83 heterosexual men inside a bar as a test group. The experiment consisted of showing them images and videos of both men and women and asking them if they found them attractive. At first, when the men were sober, they all claimed that only shows featuring women seemed attractive to them. However, everything changed when, after having a few drinks, they replied that they were considering the possibility of also having encounters with men.

When people drink, their behaviour often changes; they have difficulty speaking, they lose their memory, they have an altered perception of reality, changing moods and other signs. This is where the play of hands between friends begins, physical contact with hugs and unusual words of endearment. This type of behaviour in men is popularly called ‘heterocurious’, because, yes, they are heterosexual men who behave differently due to excessive drinking.

The study concluded that progesterone, a hormone that regulates social behaviour, can make the beautiful friendship between gentlemen become a natural attraction.

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