Stranger keeps secretly visiting soldier’s grave, when mom finds out ‘why’ she tracks him down


During the difficult moments we face in life, it is crucial to have someone who demonstrates their concern for us.

Losing a child is the most painful experience one can go through. Sadly, parents whose children serve in the military and are sent to distant and unfamiliar lands live in constant fear for their safety.

Joseph Villasenor, a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, had an unparalleled love for his country. Tragically, this courageous man lost his life at the age of 36 after dedicating 16 years to serving his nation. Raymond and Rachel Villasenor, his parents, were devastated by the loss of their beloved son. The pain they experienced was overwhelming, and they found it incredibly challenging to come to terms with his absence. In their grief, they recounted the story of Joseph’s untimely demise and the perplexing incident that occurred shortly thereafter.


While visiting Joseph’s grave at Garden Park Cemetery in Arlington, Texas, they saw something strange – their son’s grave had a trail of lush, green grass, unlike the other graves which were covered in dead grass and dirt.

The reason behind it was beyond their knowledge.


Yet, little did they know about the unexpected meeting between their daughter and an elderly man named Jake Reissig a couple of months before.

Jake discovered that while he was taking flowers to his deceased wife’s final resting place, he noticed Joseph’s sister weeping at his grave. He felt compelled to approach her and inquire about the reason for her tears. She revealed that her brother had passed away recently, causing immense sorrow and grief within their family. Although Jake couldn’t console her, he wanted to demonstrate his support in some way.

Credit: Associated Press

He made the choice to take flowers to Joseph’s tombstone. Additionally, he diligently watered the grass each day.


Rachel and Raymond went to their son’s grave one day and were delighted to see it adorned with a plethora of exquisite flowers. This heartwarming sight brought them solace, but they were unsure of who to express their gratitude to for this kind gesture.

Jake was the one responsible for looking after the tombstone in the end.

Jake Reissig also watering his wife’s grave

Jake’s act of kindness brought them to tears. They were incredibly grateful to this elderly man, but words couldn’t express their gratitude.

Villasenor Family with Jake Reissig

Jake, thank you for being there for us when life gets tough. Your kindness and compassion truly make the world a better place.

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