“Stop preferences”: gym owner scolds trainers for not serving ladies.


The video already has more than 900,000 views on TikTok and reveals a truth that we all knew was true.

Many types of services are offered within the gyms, from just the provision of the equipment to consultations with nutritionists to take care of your body that is worth millions. However, the most popular is the advice of trainers within the facilities so that you can do the exercises correctly and without hurting yourself. But we know that, as in any place of customer service, experiences are not always good. There are rumours going around that assistants and trainers only help you if you are young and pretty.

The businessman Enrique Fernández gathered his employees to teach them a lesson. In this, he spoke about how their indifferent attitude as coaches towards the ladies had an impact on his self-esteem.

He reminded them that many of the people who attend the place find a company in the gym and that their coach should never make them feel abandoned: “I have told you not to talk more with one and less with another. Do not do that”.

“I believe that, whether it is a lady, a man or a ‘boy’… everyone observes how the coaches smile with one and not with another: This way you make them feel worse than they came”.

Nobody knows the emotional condition with which a person goes to the gym, it is for this very reason that the trainers have to have this consideration with all the assistants: ” They come to the gym and you start training by their side with a girl with good body. And did you approach her? Did you talk to her? So that person feels much worse than she arrived ”

“When do we do the same with the ladies? When do you stay the same time with the ladies? I want to see you that since you gave 5 minutes to a skinny girl, give 5 minutes to the lady next to her ,” she added.

The owner expressed his sadness that there were preferences: “He is looking at you, he does look at you, only that they make them walk, but he is watching how you give your preference to another. That lady feels bad, if you don’t get close to a lady you make her feel bad, you make her feel rejected and that’s horrible”.

The businessman’s words marked his employees and after his speech, one of the attendees decided to upload it to TikTok. The video went viral in a matter of minutes and in the comments you can read women who support the opinion of the owner, and even mention that they would like to go to his gym:

«I would love to be able to go to this man’s gym», «That’s exactly why they never come back because the gym coaches are not empathetic», «The coaches pay more attention to the girls and leave you aside. That’s why I no longer attend well-known chain gyms. I prefer neighborhood gyms, they are more specialized”, were some of the comments received by the viral TikTok video.

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