Squirrel knocks on the family window every day: They understand what he tried to tell them eight years later.


If there is something that we must learn from animals, it is their eternal love and gratitude every day. We receive more life lessons from them; an animal thanks the whole life with love and trust.

One day Brantly Harrison and her family found a four-week-old squirrel about to die after being attacked by an owl. What the family did not expect was the incredible bond that would be created between them.

Seeing the squirrel with injuries, they did not hesitate for a second. They took it home and took care of it and cured it. While it was at home, they named it Bella.

In no time, the squirrel was already one of the family. When Bella fully recovered, she was released from her and returned to her natural habitat, reports the British newspaper Metro.

An unexpected visit

Years passed, and the family thought they would never see Bella again, but one day suddenly, they heard some noises at the window: it was her!

The little squirrel had grown up, but she had never forgotten the family that gave her shelter and saved her.

Bella continued to visit the family garden regularly. It was already a regular thing for Brantly and her family, and they considered her part of her family.

Until one day, Bella started banging on the window. She seemed to want to tell them something, but she couldn’t express it.

Luckily the family thought it was acting strangely, and they realized something was wrong with Bella: indeed, the squirrel had injured its foot. They quickly took care of her again, giving her antibiotics and placing her in a comfortable little box until she recovered.

That’s when they realized that Bella wanted to tell them something. Next to her in the box, three baby squirrels appeared! Bella wanted them to be part of the family too.

Bella is safe and calm because she trusts her family. She knows that they will take care of her and her babies until she fully recovers and her babies are ready to leave the nest and be free.

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